Form button goes to email instead of form

Hi Gliders. I created an app for a caterer that allows either pickup or delivery. The form for pickup requires customer name and phone number so the caterer can call/text when the order is ready for pickup, and I set up an action so the caterer will get an email notifying her the customer will pickup their order. When you select the Order Pickup Button, instead of going to the form, the customer is taken directly to the caterer’s email. This happens whether it’s set up as a Zap or an action in Glide settings. I have other forms in the app and none of them go directly to the email. Is this just how Glide works or am I missing a step?

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Have you checked that the action is show form? It looks like is set to send email

Hi Pablo, yes, I set the action to show form then send an email. I can revise it just to show the form, but how will the caterer be notified the customer wants to pick up their order?

Are you using the Compose email action, and not the Send email action?

Hi @CM_Smith ,

I think your issue might be because you are trying to do a multi step action without opening the form first.

Set your action so that you first “show form” and then “on submit” action will be to send email or rather set up a webhook via integromat to be able to send the email depending on the type of App you have (Basic, Pro or Private Pro)…

The key is to separate the 2 actions of “show form” and then “on submit” form action.

I’ll try that, thank you!

I have basic and was using compose email, that helps me see what I was doing wrong, thank you!

I was using compose email because I have a basic plan that doesn’t let me send email. Thanks for helping see what the problem was.

Hi, I have a Pro app. I am able to compose an email. Now with the form and its submit button, I want the action to send the owner an email, but no emails are coming through. I see the information goes to the destination form without issue. Do I need to add an action action to the the “Send Email” button? If so, what? Thanks

Do you have a Private Pro app or a Public Pro app?

Private Pro

Then you can have that Send Email action, may we know how are you configuring that “on submit” action chain?

Screen Shot 2021-07-19 at 8.23.09 AM

I think I just figured out my problem. It’s the wrong recipient address.