Font and size

good evening everyone!!
how can i change font and size in glide.
and may we can change the tag color
for example: if it is available, i will be in green and if it is unavailable, it will be red.

thank for your helping!!

Go to Settings, Appearance:
Umdeni -Farmer

The tag color can’t be dynamic, but you can use an If-then-else column to make the avatar dynamic, there are a bunch of tutorials here in the forum.


The possibilities to adjust font color and size are limited in Glide.

A few ideas:

  • As Jesus suggests, Settings → Appearance. There you can adjust the project’s accent color and typography.
  • Hint text components: different moods are available.
  • Buttons: different moods are available
  • Conditional colors: I would add colorful emojis in the data (tables). For example “:green_circle: Available” and “:red_circle: Out of stock”. Conditional colors for the background of tag overlays on cards are not possible.
  • In cards and tiles, you can adjust the font size to 3 sizes, though in cards the header (text with accent color) will be ignored.
  • The rich text and text components allow you to change the font size and alignment.
  • In a Pages project, there are a few choices of background colors you can choose from for both containers and the navigation section (either left vertical or top horizontal).
  • Some make use of CSS which is not supported by Glide unless otherwise indicated (such as in Pages).
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thank for your answer.
can you explaind more about “avatar dynamic”.
is it meaning when we use “if-then-else” if it is true, ○○ of words will be appeared ,
then it is false another words will be appeared.
is it right?

thanks your support!
in a pages project → is it meaning in setting or in layout
and may we setting color of the background in every layout???

I’m not sure what you mean by “dynamic avatar”. Maybe this is when a user creates their profile but they do not upload their picture. In this case, we can give them a default avatar.

One method: use the “generate image” column and set this as the image in the user profile.

Another method: see the topic where @Robert_Petitto explains how he generates dynamic avatars.

I possibly totally misunderstood your question, if so my apologies.

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When you first create a project from your Glide dashboard, you are asked if the project is an mobile app (Glide Apps) or a web app (Glide Pages).

I have the feeling you are working on a mobile app, but should your project be a web app, you can change the color of the background of containers (containers only exist in Pages).

By “avatar” I think @hango1311 is referring to the Avatar field in the tile/cards component.


thank Robert for your comment.
i’m referring to tag overlays on cards

To dynamically change the text of the tag overlay based on a number in the stock column, as you suggested you can use the if-then-else computed column.

For example:

  • Basic column, number: Stock
  • If-then-else computed column: If “stock” = 0, then “Out of stock”, else “In stock”
  • Point the tag overlay to the if-then-else column.

You can add colored emojis to the text to make the tag more visual.