Focus on Textfield

Is there a way to focus on a textfield upon opening a tab?

When someone adds a record, I want the cursor to focus on the first textfield on the page … instead of having to click it first. It’s a usability issue.

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Bump. This really ought to be a feature.

Does hitting tab focus on it?

No, it doesn’t. Also, this is a mobile app. It would be really useful if you could set initial focus on a textfield when a tab / detail / form is opened.

I have an app that the user scans a barcode for a selected inventory piece (with a real barcode scanner pda). I would like the barcode text field to be focused when the user enters the details page. This way, all they have to do is scan … instead of click the textbox and then scan. They typically have gloves on, so the user has to take their gloves off to select the text field before scanning.

Can you share a screenshot with the field you’d like focused? Yes, Glide should work this way.

Got it, It’s very simple. This is an LPN that tracks a bundle of product. When scanned and the LPN bundle is in inventory, it appears in a filtered list where an action can be performed that moves it to a new location.


Bump … i know with the new updates there must be a way

No, there’s no current way to do that now. We still don’t have on-click tab actions and if we have that, there has never been an action to “focus” on a component.