Floating button disappearing when zooming window

when zooming window over 100% floating button is disappearing, and is not coming back when scaling back, same thing when adjusting window size (in desktop view)

Hey !

Thanks for reporting this issue with the community. Can you confirm that no “customisation” to your button has been made ? (CSS…)

Would you mind sharing screenshots or a little video ? That may help us identify the problem.

@Uzo Interesting… Can you give me an example of a desktop app with the floating button?

Also, what’s your reason for zooming in?

zooming help to see details… lol

no CSS was used for this button

in this video it shows what happens when rescaling a window and next zooming in and out.

button simply disappeared and i have to refresh to get it back.

Thanks for sharing this video. This will help us all find the solution to your matter.

Hopefully you’ll have more informations on it ASAP !

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Does the button re-appear if you switch to another tab, and then switch back?

Yes, it reappears

mm, I’ve seen that behaviour before, but it only seems to happen in the builder or a desktop browser. I’ve never seen it in a mobile browser.

It is in desktop, mobile is good