Financial data

I want to make financial statements monthly and annually. How is it possible. I want to bring the data of sales and expenses sheet to financial sheet is there any solution?

To bring data from one table to another, you can use the relation column or single value column.

To consolidate income and expenses, typically you could create a months table and year table and in those tables use rollup columns to determine sums. In the income and expenses table, the idea is the create sub-tables by applying relations from a column into itself. This column would be YYYYMM (a math column) for the monthly report or YYYY for the yearly report.

Basically you are creating a pivot table by hand. Glide is aware that the ability to create such reports quickly and easily is in high demand.


The data doesn’t shows up when I try to relate the items. I don’t know what mistake I am making.

We would need screenshots of your setup to be able to troubleshoot the issue. Ideas you could explore:

  • Are the column types the same? Column types need not be the same, mistake on my part.
  • Is the data you are trying to relate actually exactly the same?

General warning about dates

You’ll notice below that I am relating YYYYMM (for example 202303) to YYYYMM. These are integers that are exactly the same. I usually try to relate integers, row IDs, values that will never changes and that are not ambiguous. Relating dates is best avoided, because they are more complicated than they seem. A date is actually a DateTime, with year, month, day, hour, minute, second and millisecond components. You could think that two dates are the same, but the time might be different, and it creates issues.

Expenses table

Setup of the math column:

Monthly report table

Setup of the relation column:

Setup of the rollup column:

Layout editor

  • Collection component: I chose table. Opt for whatever collection style suits your project.
  • Chart component: line, bar and radial are available natively in Glide. Should you need more options, you could have a look at Quickchart.


Thank you so much it worked!

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