Filtering list by current form data

Hey Gliders!

There is currently no way to filter a list (that’s in a form) by a form column’s data. In other words:

I want to filter the list by ‘Name’ is included in ‘Form data’.

However, There are only three things I can filter by:

  • List Item data
  • Logged-in-user data
  • Current screen data

Current screen data looks at the screen behind the form, and not the form itself.


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I’ve read through that 3 times, and I’m struggling to get it.
Can you show a real use case example?

(Not suggesting that it can or cannot be done, I just want to understand)

I think the goal here is to filter a choice component based on a previous choice on the same form (for example, in a form screen, choose your country, next choice is filtered to show possible states/provinces based on the country selection).

I think the issue here is that form data isn’t saved anywhere until the form is submitted. Those choices can’t be used because their answers don’t really “exist” until the form gets submitted and the values are saved to columns. This is why a “pre-form” is used so much for this sort of thing.

The alternative could be to not use a form at all and use the Add Row action to submit filtered choices on the same screen.

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Okay, I think I get it.

But if you’re rolling your own forms and temporarily storing input data in USC’s, then this is a total non-issue, right?

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I started a similar thread. Perhaps it has useful information.

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Not really. I want a search bar to search for users, and then it filters the users by Search is included in Item User Name, and then clicking on the user will set column for the form.

This would help
a) filter the search
b) set columns for the form, not the item

You can certainly hide/show components based on a choice in a form that is yet to be submitted, haven’t tried filtering yet (only as I have no sensible data to try with).

I have a form with a choice selector. I have visibility options on 2 choice components which then populate different fields in the database, depending on what is selected. This is probably unhelpful though.

Yes, the visibility isn’t an issue, but it sounds like the ability to filter based on another choice inside the form is where @Pablo_books is having an issue.

The only way I can achieve anything similar is to have a search on a list of data, the action is open form and then use the screen data within the form, although I am sure @Pablo_books has already gone down that route.

If I’m interpreting your post correctly, you’re referring to cascading filters, i.e., filtered forms. That’s perfectly doable and resulting choice(s) can be submitted. What’s strange is that visibility settings in a form can’t benefit from the same mechanism that makes that possible.


Ahh I get it now. My post is likely useless at this point!

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