Filtering Data as per the user

Hi All,

I am trying to create a LMS(Learning Management System) type of a platform on glide which has multiple sheets for data and responses.

When I am trying to filter out the data that can be visible to the customer as per their previous response, glide just picks up the first response and shows that data which is not relevant for the users.

I have also tried putting the visibility setting for email to be as signed-in user, but there seems to be issue with that as well and the component just disappears.

If anyone of you can help me with this, it would be really helpful. I can share more info as per needed.

Thank You

What sort of component are you using for this? (a screen shot would be useful, as well as a screen shot of the glide data editor)

Hi Darren,

Thanks for replying.

Let me take you through screen shots and the journey.

The Screenshot with coloumn A as previous answer is our data sheet, and the other screenshot with coloumn A as Email is the sheet where the results are written, and as per the response for level 1 is in the sheet, the corresponding condition for the Level 2 is chosen from the data sheet.

Now when I am trying to filter data on the dashboard on glide app, irrespective of the user, if I filter the data to be previous answer is response - level 1, for each user the condition C1 shows and not the relevant situation to the user. The condition C1 shows because that’s mentioned in the first row. (Screenshot as attached)

I just want to figure out a way through which I can show the relevant situation as per the user to them and not the first one that they open.

If this is a little difficult to understand, I will be glad if we can connect on a call and I can take you through the issue.

Thank you

Hey Daren,

I am unable to upload the pictures. Please tell me a different way to send it across for you to understand.


If you have screen shots, you should be able to drag and drop into the editor.

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Hi Darren,

I was able to figure out that data by making row owners and sorted it out.

Thanks for your help.