Filtering chart

Hi everyone,

I created an application for upstream and downstream transactions, then I want to create a dashboard and filter monthly or weekly data and display it with charts. How can I filter that data and show to the charts?

By “monthly” and “weekly”, do you mean you will let the user choose which month/week to display on the chart?

E.g I have column,
ID | Name | SubmitDate | InputNominal
Then I want to create dashboard with charts, grouping transaction by month from column “SubmitDate” and let user choose which month to display on the chart.

I’m not clear on this part. If you allow users to choose a specific month to display on the chart, then on your chart do you display data day by day, week by week or something else?

yes, is it possible like that?

@Darren_Murphy made this video. It’s some advanced stuff and really impressive: