Filter by date

I have two TABs in my APP. One is Events and the other Promotions.
I wanted to filter out the items as soon as the date for the event or promotion is over.
I can do for the event, which as photo show, allows me to filter the items according to finish date of the event.
start date

In the promotions TAB, I cannot find the date options for filtering. See photo finish date

Please advise. Is it related to how we select the date when we input? For event I use date and time, while for promotions I use just date picker. However, I have tried to change promotions’ date picker to be date & time, but the result was still the same; i.e. unable to filter according to date.

Thank you.

Can you verify that when you go to the Data Editor, your promotion column that contains the date is really a “Date & Time” column, or is it text?


Thanks Thinh…promotion column was text, so i have deleted it and added a new column to date…all good now…

thanks for helping out.

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