⚡ Filter any inline list by another inline list: Many to many filtering!

:wave:Hey all!

Just finished this tutorial on how to create an interface that will filter one list of items (eg. teachers) by a completely different list of items (eg. subjects) to find a perfect filter match.

Uses the same interface as the in-app filter BUT makes perfect (AND) matches rather than OR matches.



Good stuff!


Thanks for sharing! Great stuff.

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sumDisplay also useful for displaying a dynamic count of matched results - good if you have lots of records.

Just thinking about that little display glitch at the end, perhaps you could add an extra condition to the filter icon ITE - if the filter count equals the total number of records, then blank?


Good call. Here’s what I’m doing:


yeah that also works

great as always :+1:

@Robert_Petitto just my thoughts (as suggested by @Darren_Murphy) as you are combining two different conceptual model

  • All is an OR model
  • user set selections is an AND model.

Could be an idea to add a button “Clear selections” which would clear all user selections


@Robert_Petitto And you could possibly also add a choice with two choices “Any of”, “All of” - then both the OR and AND conceptual models are covered.


This was my thought about using set column → dates … use some date magic to determine if a cell is “cleared”. Need to think about that one a bit.

Nice idea and perfectly doable. I’ll see what I can do to tweak.

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Okay not sure if you guys already have this on a another thread. But we can conduct and AND/OR choice on the Same inline list (no choice component); Using an inline list to grab everything from several other inline lists.

By accident than design I discovered we can do both an AND/OR on the same item.

I’ll share it with you guys.

  1. I have an inline list with 20 different items.
  2. I want to tap on say 5 items AT ONCE to see which of the 20 offer me my selected items.
  3. I’m end up with AND/OR on those choices.