Filling two arrays at once

With help from Darren Murphy :smiley:, I partially managed to fill an array in my GLIDE app.

However, I have two arrays linked together.

The first array is “product” that must be filled from the “producten sheet”.

It would be best if the “amount” array is also filled accordingly.

So briefly:
Filling the “product” array with multiple choices from the “producten sheet” and then being able to enter an amount for each choice. This amount is different for every meal.

Too bad it is apparently not possible or too difficult to fill two arrays simultaneously.
So I will have to approach this problem in a different way.
It will then take a lot of thought and time. Maybe even the entire data structure has to be filled in differently, and I have to start from scratch.

Solved the problem by closely watching this video.

Robert Petitto :smiley: Target specific items with an array column

It’s not quite the way I wanted it to be, but it’s works.

There’s an annoying screen in between that I want to get rid of.