File Picker Renames my Files

I have a use case where preserving the file name is crucial. My team uses file names to identify drawing numbers, part numbers, and other critical information when uploading PDFs and 3D cad files.

I understand why File Picker renames the file with a unique value and preserves the extension - it makes sense on the glide app backend to ensure no two files are ever named the same. At least that’s my assumption of why it’s doing what it’s doing.

A suggestion I have is to append the unique ID number to the file name rather than replace it. Just an idea - but it would be great to have something like the example below:

Original Filename: JoesCriticalFileName.pdf
Glideapp renaming:

I can use my backend code to parse the link and get the original file name and store it as such. I’m sure other users could do a similar thing using Zapier.

This saves my team a ton of time sifting through documents trying to figure out what file is what.

If there is a work-around to this that I am not aware of, I would appreciate the advice!

Thank you!


I’m facing the exact same issue. Except my database is airtable.

If i upload through airtable it doesn’t get renamed, but through glidepages it does.

Did you check this box?
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