Fight creative block with Oblique Strategies 🎨 Glide App

Hi there,
been using Glide for a couple of months and I love it :heart_eyes:!
Just wanted to share my first app that provides random user-specific content.

So …are you stuck with a creative block? Try my Glide App version of Oblique Strategies, a card-based method for promoting creativity created by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt (wikipedia).

Each card offers a challenging constraint intended to help artists (particularly musicians) break creative blocks by encouraging lateral thinking.

Special thanks to @Robert_Petitto for the user-specific and random content tutorials!

For the curious...

…here’s the recipe:

Hope you like it.
Let me know what you think!



I love how simple this is.

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Very nice. Clean and simple. My favorite part is the basic table you have at the footer of the page in the about screen. What did you use for the blank space? An empty image? A text component with return characters? HTML?

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Thank you Robert! For the blank space I used the same white rectangle image i used for card background :slightly_smiling_face:

At first I tried with a rich text component using markdown and return characters, but I did’nt manage to get it work. Don’t know if there is a clever way to do that!

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Simplicity my friend :+1:. Cool.

I noticed a blank card. My third can was blank.

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Same here. Must be a minor bug.

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Thank you @Krivo! I also experienced that issue a couple of times and at first I thought it was something related to cloudinary call frequency limit or something like that …but guess what? You spot a bug! :beetle:

Looking more closely I found the real issue here, your third card text should have been:

Are there sections? Consider transitions

The “?” is the bad guy here, not beeing encoded it brokens the cloudinary URL:{{my_account}}/image/upload/w_550,c_fit,l_text:Roboto_24:Are%20there%20sections ? %20Consider%20transitions/{{image_path}}/white_card.png

I’ll try to fix using search&replace on my spreedsheet and this reference table by W3Schools

Thanks again for taking your time to try my App :pray:

Okay, it should be fixed now :slightly_smiling_face:

For those who will encounter this special characters encoding issue using cloudinary text overlay, I had to replace these special characters: ? ( ) ,

So, for example, i replaced ? with %3F

Actually, it seems that you don’t need to encode these special characters ; ! - ' [ ] * .

@Vicio_Sciascia I suppose you can just encode the text you want to send to cloudinary

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Much much better solution, it works like a charm. I can also preserve card text readability on my spreadsheet.

Thanks for share @Krivo!

I still run into problems with commas , my friend!

According to this support thread commas - even encoded commas - cannot be used in text overlays because collide with cloudinary-specific syntax.

As suggested in the thread above, i had to double-encode commas by replacing , with %2C and then using the ENCODEURL() function.

Hope it helps :v:

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Thanks for sharing. It could be beneficial for implementations later on👍