Fetch JSON Tutorial + Template

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use the Fetch JSON column to search for movies via the TheMovieDB’s API → https://youtu.be/fjgcxBvrWbE


Great tutorial. I had this working really well, then suddenly, the Javascript stopped working. I get the spinner in the field for a few seconds then it’s gone and no data extracted from the JSON. Any ideas? I cleared the cache and cookies and rebooted a few times.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

Does the API you fetch require authorization header? I assume not? When you copy the link you’re trying to fetch from to a new tab in the browser and click “Enter” as if you are accessing it, does it return anything?

Fixed it. Thank you

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New question on this: When there are simultaneous users all entering a term in the search field (which launches the API and fills the table with a list of movies), the users wind up writing over each other. So, if user one enters “Rocky” the search returns the list of Rocky movies, but if user two enters “Harry Potter” a few seconds later from a different phone/computer, in the search by user one, Rocky is overwritten by Harry Potter.

Any ideas will be appreciated.

You need to write your search term to a User Specific Column. Then each user will get their own results.


Solved. Thank you