Fetch data from Integromat

Hi guys,
Would really appreciate if someone helped me out.
I think I need to use fetch column and get data from integromat.

My Usecase:
I have a WebView of a payment page that triggers a webhook to integromat on a public no sign Glide app .
In Integromat I do some GS stuff there and add the user to my actual app, send SMS etc…
I would like to add a visible condition on the webview to disappear after a purchase is complete and continue from there, so I need to add a column that is triggered when the scenario is done.

should I use the HTTP post module? what URL?

So the webview displaying an external webpage and you’re pushing data to Integromat after a payment action right? I think you can write a value back to your Sheet that indicates the payment is done and hide the webview?

Writing back to Glide via GS means 30-300 second wait time… not the ideal situation!

How about using your Sheet as an API and use XC to fetch the Sheet column to reduce waiting time?

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Yes that’s where I was going with this…
Can you please explain how I turn my sheet to api? And how I use YC to fetch

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The only issue is that the webhook is not trigered from the app but from the payment page itself.
Its a webview in a public no sign in app so how can I tell which row to update back?
what is the relation there?

So what info do you collect from the webhook?

I have the customers email that he inserts in the payment page; but he is not signed in to the app with it.
I could ask the user the fill his email before purchase I guess

Yeah I guess that’s your best option, or if your web allows it, use a template to pre-fill the email.