Feed my app with content from my website

Hi all,

How do I sync / feed content from my website or blog to my app?

The types of content will be blog posts, podcast episodes links to map directions. Can I create a feed link for each type of content that will update the app automatically?

Thanks in advance for any instruction!

Hey !

You have a couple of options here. Either you display your website simply as a web view or if you can manage to import your data automatically (or not) via integromat/Zapier and then fuel your app…


What type of frame did you build your website on? There might be a way to automatically populate your sheet using Zapier or Integromat combined with, let’s say, Wordpress.


I actually use Google’s Blogger.com right now. I figured there must be a way to get post feeds into a sheet then into the app. I host a podcast with buzzsprout.com. Thank you!

Thx, the goal is to have the same key content on the app as is on the website without it been a manual process each time I add content.

Use =importfeed on your sheets to pull the blogger RSS feed in…


I second this ^

Thanks for that info. So a cell in my sheet would look like =“feed url”. In the app would the associated content type be Text or something else? Like web view or rich text?

All the info you import via importfeed will be in text/link. I believe they return the actual link, title, author and description but you would need to test to make sure.

Then you choose whatever component you need in the app to display them, possibly a list view to display all links, then in the details view you would have some links and text components.

Would also want to add that your importfeed formula should be at the top left cell, they populate an array of columns automatically. The refresh rate might be a problem though, you would want to insert a dynamic parameter in your feed URL for it to update.

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You can also feed your blog with content from your app by using the @blogger.com email you can get from your blog settings. I simply created a button to send things to my blog as drafts…