Feature request: last time modified that is user-based

I have a table with fields. I want a last modified feature that is directly linked to a user.

For instance, I have a field that is user specific, like a tab that switches the boolean. I want to know when the user hit that.

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The setup:

  1. In the User Profile table, create a column called “Last modified”.
  2. In the “Table with fields”, create a template column that grabs the user > email. Create a relation column that relates the user > email template column to the User Profile table > email column.

In the app
Create a component with a custom action (eg. button) that does two things:

  1. Set column > this row > user specific boolean column to TRUE
  2. Set column > relation to User Profile table > Last Modified to current date and time

Changed the Category to “Help & How to”, since Bob seemed to have covered it all here.

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