🆕 Feature: "Find all uses" 🔥🔥🔥🔥

I must say it’s beginning to become a joy doing stuff :slight_smile:

Here’s the latest iteration of my telemedicine app - a call center and a user app, built on glide, glide tables, Google sheets, Google script, integromat, zapier, etc / and help from great people in the community.

And I await useful future goodies too :gift: - a lot of progress really quickly, quite stunning really :star2:


@Mark_Turrell What’s the video call tool that you are using?

Jitsi - there is a public version and then I spend money with a contractor for a custom version hosted on AWS :slight_smile:

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Mark happy. (this) Mark able to debug by looking for places actions get set.

No, (this) Mark is more than happy. Giggling with excitement! I can actually bug fix a current problem instantly! Thanks @Mark and @Jason and the rest of the Glide team!


I have found a bug…

The find all uses correctly picked up where it is used…
BUT in an action it does not highlight in blurry blue all the places where it is used

In this case, it picked up the first set column action … but not the second or any other.

another missing use case:

  • I have a column flow/ lk-waiting to upload
  • this is a computed column - a lookup - in my user Profile table (CollectUser)

I would expect the Find all Uses to INCLUDE where the lookup comes from (or single value, if it were an sv-, etc)

But it is missing this use of the column.

This would greatly help bug fixing - and might be a small thing - thanks @Mark

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This will be fixed on Friday.

I don’t understand this case, or can’t reproduce it. When I search for the uses of a column that’s being looked up, the Lookup column is found. Can you give me a support link and tell me which column you’re finding uses for, and which column you expect to be in the search results for that?

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Sent - with app url and the loom to demonstrate the problem :slight_smile:

And… I see the logical issue…
I am trying to find out where this computed lookup column comes FROM

  • but that means it is not IN or USED IN the other table

So I guess I am asking for ‘expected functionality’ - if it is a lookup, I would like to see where it is coming from.

Hey, this feature is so useful and has saved me hours, thanks Team.
For components the search result shows the screen the component is sitting on,
For Actions only the name is shown → sometime it takes hours to find the location if you have too simple names such as Copy of Copy of Back

Could you please also show the screen for Actions

find all



What happens when you click on the arrow inside the circle on the right?

sure you get to the Action but if you click Cancel or Save you don’t get to the Screen on which the Action is, but to the Screen which you viewed before clicking on the arrow.
And if you have many similar Actions, you still don’t know what Screen is it about…

Copy of Back

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I understand your point now.

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I just started using glide this week and started using this feature right away… I had no idea it was new, it’s so fundamental to building complex things.


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