Facebook similar app

It solves 2 big problems

  1. Allow users to register, login without google or email
  2. Maximum 1 user logged in on 1 machine in given time
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Can you translate the app into English? I can’t create my user profile…

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Yeah, please! :point_up:t3:

Click on the language/flag to change the language.

I’m hesitant about apps that don’t use the native authentication. They are not secure and can expose a user’s username and password to anybody looking for it. I haven’t had a chance to look at the underlying data to see what I can find, but be careful.


Same, Jeff!

But interesting app

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I’d use public with email or sign in action + not collect real email. This way every email will be encripted

Better than create a manual password step and not being secure


I like it… do you care to share how you got the language translation to work in such a way!
great work!