Extracting snips of matching text

I’m trying to matching users based on text strings which one user has in their profile and another is looking for.

so for example:

User 1 is looking for “Agile Development”

User 2 in their profile has this “Experience working on IT projects using Agile Development methodologies”

The output would be an indicator which would show that User 2 has the matching text that User 1 is seeking.

I would also like to do this for multiple string matches. For example:

User 1 is looking for “Agile Methodologies, C++, Data Analysis”

User 2 in their profile has this “Experience working on IT projects using Agile Development methodologies. Experience developing monte carlo simulations to produce predictive insights through data analysis”

The output here would be an inidicator showing the degree of match strength for the keywords. So in this example, user 1 should see a match for “Agile Methodologies” and “Data Analysis”, but not for C++. This should show some 2/3 are matching.

Hope this makes sense. Ultimately would want to display the matches to User 1 so they could see the strength of match to the other profile.

thanks for any help on this.

I think this is covered in the native search functionality, but it seems like this is not what you’re heading towards as you want an X/Y ratio of matching when you have multiple search terms.

I think when you want to go with something like “Agile Methodologies, C++, Data Analysis”, it would be hard to let users enter that as a search term. What if you provide users with a list of pre-determined choices to choose from, when they create their profile, and then show other users with the same list when they want to filter?

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Hey Thanks for helping out!

I ended up building this function by creating match fields which look for up to 5 keyword matches separately, then determining a match strength based on the # of matches.

The users are able to enter desired fields in a text box separated by a comma to do this. Not the most elegant but it seems to work!


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