Exporting Table Button

Hello, Is there a or a way for us to export columns or tables just using a button within the app? For example one of our staff wants to export a table from this dated range, would that be possible?

Thank you!

You’d have to build that using integromat.
The easiest case is if your staff has access to the Glide app builder, they can export any table by clicking on the data editor - table - right click - export to csv


Adding to what @eltintero said, if it’s a dated range that takes date inputs from the user, you would have to construct logical flows to only return rows that fit the range.

It would be something like this:

  • A template column, ideally comma-separated, to join all the pieces of info you need from each row.
  • An if-then-else column to only return the template above if the date fits into the filter from the user.
  • A joined list column to join all the info from step 2.
  • A template column to add a header to the “CSV”.

So it would look like.

Date, Info 1, Info 2
22 July 2022, John Doe, 2
23 July 2022, Jane Doe, 1

Then you pass that final CSV template to Make, allow them to turn it to a CSV file and email that file to the user.


@Rocooo - below is a video tutorial that walks through the method that @ThinhDinh describes.