Exporting per user data

I am making a simple app for my Shopify clients to upload their product information easier. How to do export individual data in google sheets? Ex: someone uploads 10 products. I need to export the data in google sheets to import it into Shopify.

Thank you

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How many clients do you have?

None at the moment but it would be like a per order basis.

How often do you want to export the data and import it to your Shopify?

I dont know. As needed. Daily?

Here’s my thoughts:

  • You have a sheet where you store your clients’ input (via Glide form), let’s call this the ‘Raw input’.
  • You can have multiple sheets for different clients, and use queries to get the right data from the ‘Raw input’ sheet, from the last 24 hours.
  • Create a script to automatically push the data from Google Sheets to the right Shopify account.