Expense splitter with 1 partner

Hi everyone :wave:

A second app my fiancé and I have been working on is: https://splitit.glideapp.io/ !

Our goal here was to replace apps such as Splitwise with a Glide App and keep full control of the data that we input (for future analysis :grin:).

Hope you enjoy it!

One question for the community:
When adding an expense, inputing who paid for whom is done with choice components.

We cannot for the life of us figure out how to make these choice components dynamic.
The goal is: depending on which trip you add expenses to, the choice component would only show you the participants specific to that trip.

Would love to have some help on this, thanks in advance!

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Don’t feel bad that you can’t figure that out. It is not possible within Glide using the Choice Component at this point.


While what you are trying to do is not possible with that component I do like the idea of the Split Trip billing.
It would take some further design planning so data relationships are defined to have multiple trips with multiple expenses and payments but what are the options of how to split the bill apart from “equally”?

Might be an interesting challenge to take on-board.

So far I only built the app in such a way that it’s for 2 people and splitting equally.
Changing it to include more people is possible using this (haven’t gotten around to doing that yet):

As concerns non equal splitting, using a math column should be the way to go in order to either split a bill by amount or by %.

Thanks for the he answer George.
Do you (or maybe @Jeff_Hager) happen to know if an inline lists items could be made conditional?

The idea being in the home in the app:

  • you add a trip
  • in a choice component you choose your trip
  • only that trip appears as an inline list item and the choice selection is used to filter the participant list

Thanks in advance!

Inline lists are usually conditional normally as they are related in some way to one of the detail columns in the row that you are viewing in its detail view. Why don’t you phrase the question in a way that explains what you want to do at a little higher level. For example:
I want to show a list of all people who have signed up for a trip.
Actually take a look at this post from earlier today. Think of the Events as your Trips. I used Participants as the name of the list of people and Attendees for the names and events link.