Examples/Template/Advice incorporating LinkedIn profile

Hello, I am making an app just for my own personal use (for now), based on a networking strategy laid out for me by my career coach. It uses a 5-tiered approach, and she advises keeping track of contacts in a spreadsheet. Of course for me this screams Glide app, making it easier to use (color coding, stats).

It’s sort of a CRM, I guess. Does anyone know if I create contacts can I then auto-search LinkedIn and have it pull or link to their profile?

Any advice on what template to use as a foundation? I’m sure I would not have to start from scratch.


Can you elaborate more about the process (the data flow) you want to achieve here?

If I have a sheet of contacts, I wouldn’t necessarily know their linkedIn profile. Wondering if I can link to the LinkedIn search page and autopopulate with their name. I know it’s a longshot…

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It’s definitely a long shot. 6 months ago I wrote a Python program for my friend who have to search for potential customers on LinkedIn, we concatenated a lot of pieces of information together including name, title and location to return the best matches via Google, then grab all the links Google returned, go in each of them and scrape the details we needed.

Hopefully it gives you an idea.

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Thank you!

For example a search like this returned my profile at the top.

With the help of this I think you can try returning only the first result of the Google search if you’re confident about the details you have (name, company, title, location etc.).

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I will try it- thanks

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I have heard that they will find out and block these types of queries. Worth trying though! Can you keep us updated on how it works for you? I have wanted to do something similar and of course @ThinhDinh already has this covered! :star_struck:

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Just found this thread.
I am the creator of ImportFromWeb.

It works perfectly fine with Google and there is no risk you’ll get blocked!
You might like this article that explains how to retrieve linked in profiles.
In fact it goes beyond that because it shows how to extract emails from those profiles