Event app

Hi there. I’m trying to build an events app.

  1. You can join an event after you click on “join event”
  2. You can leave an event after you click on “leave event”
  3. There’s a general “Events” page and also an “My events” page showing only the events you’re attending to.

How would I tackle this?

I already started playing around, but this dynamic stuff I need a few hints in the right direction.
Thanks for your time and help!

event booking sample

If you don’t need to show all people attending an event, you can add a boolean column name “Joined”. When you click the “join” button, set the boolean column to true and vice versa for the leave comment (clear value).

For “My events” filter by boolean column is true.

Thanks for the help! What I don’t seem to understand is:
The column “Joined” is global, no? So if I change “Joined” to true, then for every user this event is joined? Or am I missing something?

Your boolean column should be a user-specific column.


Great, thank you!

Could you also help me with this:

  • Every event has 3 values: Sport (number), Eco (number) and Social (number).
  • If I click a button “Sport”, then the Event’s “Sport” needs to do value +10. The thing is, I want this value to be global. So if 5 different users click on “Sport”, then the sport number for that event needs to be 50.
    And the event can show “Sport: 50” in the event list.


What if you click both Sport and Eco? Does it show “Sport: 10, Eco: 10”?

Yes, every event always shows 3 properties: Sport, Eco and Social.
When an event is new, they will all show “0”

Then I think you can just configure your 3 columns as normal columns, and 3 buttons that increments 10 for each column per click?

Right, seems like I was overengineering it.
Is there also a way that when you “check” a checkbox, it fires an event?

  • I have a list
  • The list is displayed as a list of checkboxes
  • I don’t want the checkbox label to be clickable (no detail page needed)
  • When the checkbox gets checked, it needs to fire the event (sport +10)

How to do this?

The check and uncheck events are not tied to customizable actions.

Have a regular inline list for checks , and two images represent check and uncheck value, if column to swap those images, now you can create any custom action for a checklist

You mean I can create my own checkboxes with images?

yes, it will look even better than original Glide list, plus you have so many options for that

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i made a sample for you. SAMPLE

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