Error loading Google Sheet 400

I’ve been trying to follow a tutorial making an app like Tinder and I can’t access my Google sheet like in the tutorial as I get the window saying “Sign in
In order to select files, you must sign in to your Google account.
SIGN IN” even though I am already signed in

and if I try to sign in it then gives me a 400 ERROR

I’m trying to use the Glide table instead but I’m having no luck getting any of the data or images to show up on any of the pages and its driving me nuts! I paid to follow the tutorial and since the site has changed its layout, it’s already difficult enough as is without not being able to use Google Sheets. Is anyone else having similar issues? do I need to use a particular browser?

These sorts of issues are often the result of a “dirty” cache. So the first thing to try would be to empty your browser cache (and delete cookies) and try again.

Thanks Darren for getting back to me so quickly! I gave that a bash to no avail :frowning: I’m even using Google Chrome and signing into Glide using my Google account for maximum Googlyness. I’ve tried on Brave and Google Chrome so far and it seems to make no difference

Perhaps try using incognito mode just to be sure?

Apart from that, I don’t really have any other suggestions, sorry.

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Hot damn that works! that’s a little frustrating but not gonna complain if that’s all it takes! thank you so much Darren!!

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