No puedo conectar con Google Sheets

Hola, me logueo con mi cuenta de Google pero no me deja acceder a mis hojas de Google Sheets. Estoy en el plan free. Muchas gracias

What do you see when you try, is there any error?
Can you provide a screen shot please?

Me sale este error y al ir a Sig In directamente se tilda la página

Ahora me salio este Error! GRACIAS POR TU RESPUESTA!

I see.
In my experience, that 400 error that comes from Google is usually caused by a stale or corrupted Google cookie. So my suggestion would be to try the following:

  • Sign out of your Glide Account
  • Sign out of your Google Account
  • Remove all Google & Glide related cookies from your browser
  • Sign back into Google
  • Sign back into Glide
  • Try again…

Let me know if that works

Eres un genioo!!!

Muchas gracias!! Ah Funcionado!!


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