Equipment List Builder App

I have been using a version of this app for a year or two and have been trying to figure out how to rebuild it to be more functional probably that entire time. I think I’ve finally got something I’m really happy with!

The general problem I’ve been trying to solve:

I have to make equipment lists for work often. Different rental houses will have different packages for everything, so I have to be pretty specific about what I request. Not to mention that as I learn from my mistakes in ordering equipment, I want to make sure I order the correct equipment next time.

I also want the whole process to be very fast, so preset equipment packages are ideal. Sometimes I’ll need multiple of the same equipment package, so being able to order 2 sets of that package and having glide multiply all the individual quantities for me is really helpful.

I originally was trying to make a PDF equipment list which was just so complicated. Ultimately I decided to just keep it all in text that can either be emailed or copied to a clipboard.

To use the app:

Navigate through the tabs, check the boxes of the items you want to add to your list.

If you want multiple of an item, click into it and set the quantity.

You have the ability to create new packages and add items and delete items in each package.

I think the hardest thing for me to figure out was how to make multiple sections like a section for Filters, for Monitors, etc. Ultimately I had to make the AKS page a details page and have inline lists that link to different sheets. From there I just used joined lists in each sheet and then a template to combine it all on the project page.