Envoyer un mail avec une pièce jointe


Je voudrais créer une page où les utilisateurs peuvent uploader un fichier de leur téléphone et qu’ensuite ça me l’envoie directement par mail. Avez-vous une idée ?


To allow your users to upload a file you could use the file picker.

To send an email you could use the send email action (available for pro plans or higher)

If you can’t use the send email action you could use a compose email action

I hope this helps!


To extend on this, the clearest option is to include the file URL in the body of the email. If OP wants to attach the file itself, I don’t think it’s doable within Glide.

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Thank you for your answers. In fact, I’ve created an absence form and I’d like users to be able to send me their receipts. For the moment I receive their proof in the table but I haven’t managed to automate with “actions” the automatic sending or a notification that I have a proof that has been sent.


If it’s a form, you can add an on-submit action to send an email to yourself. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

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Thank you for your reply. I did add a “submit” button. I think I’ve set it up wrong because it’s giving me an error message. Unfortunately, I can’t figure out where my error is coming from, knowing that my database table is filling up fine.

You added a button inside of a form that already has its own buttons?

I think @ThinhDinh meant that you should add an on-submit action on the form. Not add an additional button.

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Also, can you let us know what plan are you on? Is it a paid plan?

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I have a free plan.

Then I think the send email action won’t work for you, I believe it’s a paid feature.

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