Enumerate items and re order

Hi, is there any way to enumerated items?

For example

Picture a - 1
Picture b - 2
Picture c - 3

but if user re arrange item, the app must enumerate again like

Pic c - 1
Pic a - 2
Pic b - 3

Not sure exactly how a user in your app will be able to rearrange items, but yes, you can add a dynamic index to each item using this trick:


Thanks Robert, the idea is that the user uploads a few pictures, every picture would have a number like 1,2,3 just for an internal arrangement/order. But if the user wants that the picture number 3 be the picture number 1, he must drag the pictures and the app would change the order or I have to put a sort of number textbox in order to let the user assign the arrangement/order.
I dont know wich term used for this, but note that for me arrangement is order, order of the list not a purcharse order.


It seems the RowIndex column and PhotoIndex column in the table would be independent of each other.

  • PhotoIndex will be defined by your user when they re-arrange.
  • RowIndex you can set up as explained here.