Deleting a specific table raw, next items get re-ordered numbers

Hey there. I have an inventory table, but when I delete a specific item in a specific raw, the
next items have to take new numbers sorted from low to high, Is there any way to do this???

You need the second use case below:

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That is what I was looking for, thank you!
I have another question if you could help me. Is there any way to sort numeric elements from an excel column?

So if you delete “3”, then 4 should become 3, 5 should become 4 etc?

Exactly, that´s what I need

  • Create a rowID column for that table.

  • Add a lookup pointing to that rowID column.

  • Add a “Find element index” column to get the row index.

Now if you want the index to start from 1, add a Math column with the formula: Index + 1. Else you can keep it as is. The index will adjust if you delete a row. However, as it’s a computed column, you won’t be able to edit it manually.

Thanks for your answer and your help!, Yes, I need to update the ITEM column that comes from an excel sheet to behave like your Index column, Do you know how can I do that??

Please try my suggestion above, it should work if I understand you right. Then you don’t need the Item column anymore.

Your suggestion is perfect but can I use your INDEX column to update the ITEM column because the excel sheet has to be updated

Then an alternative is using a formula inside Excel. I don’t have much experience there, can you use a formula like ROW() to get the row number?