English Dictionary with 163,819 rows!

Please tell us you used the Glide AI text-to-JSON column in there to improve performance! :wink:

Absolutely not! :rofl: that would slow it down.

Well at least we’re all keeping our sense of humor. We’re such a bunch of nerds :nerd_face:

What is your loading time?

How about 2 Million rows in 7 seconds? LOL !!!

I’m having fun with my new system. :rofl:

6.3 seconds I’ll admit is pretty cool @Uzo

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Thank you!!! I know how to go even faster with a few million rows more. LOL
And the coolest thing about it is that more users or refreshes are on that page… it goes even faster

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That’s great.

How to have 2 millions rows on a free plan ? It should be capped right ?