Embed interactive mmhmm videos

Hi all, most of you will know mmhmm, the videotools that makes your presentation or videocall look better. In the coming week there will be a lot of updates of the tool.
But one of the features I’m really happy with is already here.
In mmhmm when you do a presentation with slides / videos, everyone of them becomes a chapter. And when you choose ‘interactive video’ and publish that via mmhmm people will be able to move back and forward to previous and next chapters. Ideal for courses, explainers etcetera.
And …
You can embed them in Glide via Webview!
I like it


Impressive tool.

This is really Nice! I’d love to see a showcase of it :relaxed:

I made a fake example with nonsense and didnt want to share the nonsense :wink:
But it worked and will share a real life example when I have one!