Embed 1:1 Chat app in glide?

Hi Everyone, we needed a 1:1 Chat feature in our apps for our customers and partner to communicate, here are a few issues we are facing can someone help?


  • Glide app Updates: We have 2 different apps for partners and customers we want them to communicate we can build it in glide but it will take a loooootttttttt of updates and we will die out of the limit. So it won’t work for us.

  • Embedding: We tried embedding google chat it didn’t work, so is there a way to integrate any chatting software?

Inputs are highly appreciated.


I would recommend an external tool:

Thanks for sharing, are they tried and tested ?

Update cost, when Glide implemented that change, caused me to basically stop supporting my first social app. It’s chat was built without updates in mind, and consumed way too many for text written to composition fields, message read indications, etc. My new version has it dropped to 1 update per message, or 2 if pushing a notification. If 1 update per message is ok with you, then that is possible.

I haven’t tried embedding an external tool, but I’m interested in exploring that too.

We can’t predict how many updates it will take since we do not know how many conversations will happen. I cant take the risk. But thanks for your input