Editing inline lists vs regular lists

If my tab layout is a list, I can click into an item in the list and then adjust the components of each item in the list.

However, if my tab layout is “Details” and then I add in line lists, I can’t actually click into the list and edit the components.

Is editing an in line list different from editing a tab that is a list? How do you add components?

How do you expect an inline list to be “edited”? It’s like a gate to data from any sheets, you still have to access each individual item to edit them.

What do you mean when you say your can’t click into an inline list? You can’t click on a list item to view it’s details? What click action do you have set for the list?

Sorry for being unclear. Here is a short screencast explaining

Switch over to play mode. It’s the left button in the circle. you are in select mode, which will let you select components. Play mode navigates through the app like you are using it on a phone.


If you are in Play mode, CTRL is a quick shortcut to temporarilty switch the cursor to Select mode.

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