Editing Data in another sheet

Hi Team, I’m building a fantasy sports app and I’m looking to see how I can get this workflow.

Tab 1 - Races (Races are in a Glide Upcoming Races Sheet).
-Place Tips - On the races sheet there is a form button to add a row to the “Tipping” sheet

This works fine.

This is where I’m stuck

I want to set a rule that "if Tip cell for specific race is populated, show an “edit tip” button.
I also want to trigger an action to allow editing of the relevant column. I tried “set column” but it only allows editing on the “Races” sheet, not the “betting” sheet. This is because the “edit tip” button is on the “Races” Tab, which is using the “Races” sheet.

Thank you

In the Races details view, I assume you have a button that is a form to add a row to the tipping sheet with the user’s email/ID, the race’s ID, and the amount they want to tip.

Then what you would want to do is:

  • Create a template column in the Races sheet with the email of the signed-in user and the race ID.

  • Create a template column in the Tipping sheet with the email of the submission and the race ID of the submission.

  • Create a relation from the Races sheet to the Tipping sheet, using the template columns above.

  • If relation is empty you show the form, else you show the “Edit tip” button that has an action “view details” to the relation.

  • In the details view of that edit tip button, you can add a number entry straight on the screen so user can directly edit, or add that in the edit screen (pencil button).


Thank you so much. Worked as you described!