Edit Sign-in Screen with CSS


is there a way for editing the sign in screen with css to change the type of page that the users see?

For example instead of being the text-box in the middle, change that to one side (left or right) and editing the background with css to add more style to it.

I haven’t tested it on devices yet.

display: flex;
justify-content: flex-start;
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it doesn’t work.

i tried with .main-sign-in{} too

In mine, it works.

you did it with Custom css or editing the html itself? because i’m trying your code and it’s not working for me.

If you want to change the default style of components in Glide, this is the way.

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i did it! thank you!

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How do you change the CSS in Glide? Is it linked to a specific subscription plan?

It’s Business/Enterprise for legacy plans, and on all paid plans for the latest pricing. What plan are you on?