E-book:Basic version

I had a hard time because the animation didn’t work on my iPhone.
I finally solved it.

Basic version of e-book
★ Page transition is realized by using the detailed display function of the normal inline list.
★ The content of the page is created only with normal components.
★ E-books with 20 pages or less are assumed.
★ CSS is only used for page animations, inline list sizing, and button decoration.

↓ Click here for more sophisticated E-books


Hey !

Thanks for sharing your showcase. It looks great indeed ! You’ve my like :slight_smile:


We aimed to create a basic type of e-book that is created with only ordinary components.
It worked fine on desktop and android.
But what a hell! The animation didn’t work on my iPhone.

Still, there is no night that doesn’t dawn.
The problem has been resolved.
Animations should now work well on the iPhone. Perhaps…