Dynamic List - Choice Component

Hi! I’m guessing this is so easy, and I’ve searched around and played around a lot, but can’t figure it out!

I want the user to be able to filter a candidate list that they see based on full-time, part-time, or contract, using the choice component. Candidates can be any combination of the three choices. I’ve looked at the Dynamic Filter concepts here: https://concepts.glideapp.io/ but this is way too complex for me. I want one filter/choice component and for the list that shows to change based on the choice.

I can figure out how to get one list, but it seems I need to have three relations? Here is my app for reference - just starting out, but this concept will be key throughout! https://oppdock.glideapp.io/

Thank you!

After playing around, I guess I really want the “choice component” to function like an inline list with a relation. If that’s not possible, I can do the latter - but it seems like it should be!

Hi, I accessed your app and see that you have did the work in the “Level of Work” tab. Do you want any further assistance regarding this?


If the Jeff’s idea seems complex, try using my demo about it https://dynchoices.glideapp.io as plan B

Anyway, the use of relations is the only way!


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Hi there! I got it to work only for the “full-time” option. Not sure how to change the list when “part-time” is selected, and “contract” is selected. Thank you!

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Thank you! the complexity lies in the fact that I don’t need dynamic choices (though I will put that on my “goals” list for sure!). For now, I just need the list to change. I get lost in all of the dynamic choices…

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Hi Leila,

I hope this solution can solve your problem.

So I restructured the data a bit, now it looks like this. The full time, part time and contract are now structured as 3 separate boolean columns.


Then I have a choice column in the Glide editor that is user-specific. This will be used to write the user-specific choice.

In the tab, I used a detail layout, then have 3 separate inline lists with filter being Full time = TRUE, Part time = TRUE and Contract = TRUE.

The visibility of them is set accordingly, for example show the Full time inline list only when the Choice is Full time.

I used some rich text format to display all the types of opportunity listed in If > Then > Else columns and then concatenate them in a Template column. I also have a form button in case users want to submit their own profile.

Here is the result.


This looks great! thank you so much! would you mind sharing the app with me so I can take a look at the structure and make sure it works how I’m hoping? I don’t see it linked above.

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I figured it out! thanks so much for your help. I really appreciate it!

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Check my message and if you have any further questions feel free to post here or message me, I’ll try to help.