Dynamic Dashboard

Hi there,
hope you all doing well.

I am working on a dashboard and wondering how I can make it “dynamic” in the sense that if the user has completed a task and returns to the dashboard, the dashboard is automatically updated in accordance to the completed task.

Has anyone experience with this kind of feature?

Would love to hear.
Thx so much.


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How about, making action in submitting the form to “navigate to a tab”?

Will this be a good solution for you?

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I used navigate to tab but the challenge is that the dashboard is the home screen,

so basically after the user signed up, went through an assessment, s/he comes to the dashboard displaying a financial health score.

after completing some tasks, the financial health scores updates and so on.

my challenge is that i am guiding the user back to the initial dashboard without updating it…

As long as the dashboard screen is referring to the data that was updated, then it should be showing the latest information. If not, you may have something set up incorrectly.


good point - havent thought of linking the data input back to the initial table. will try that. thx so much


for a little inspiration, i feel blessed to show you what i have been working on as a dashboard, due to the help of so many in this community
So i have a toggled panel which has choice component heavily modified with the help of @ThinhDinh Each of these metric button essentially do what you were asking above, bringing the dashboard data to the front as charts… hope this helps…or at least inspires… took me almost 3 months to get it to this point…