Dynamic big numbers based on data grid search bar filter

Hi all, I have a data grid component with the built in search bar option on. On the bottom will be a few big numbers to show some relevant data.

Is there anyway to configure the big numbers to show on screen data after it is filtered? In example, the total unfiltered sales number is 14.5k and if I filter by product type pineapple, the sales count should be 2 and the sales total should be 2.5k.

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Not with the built in search, no.
The only way to do that is to implement your own custom search/filter.


I can only use custom filters for collections, not for big number (or fields) components. Can you please share how I would do it for these components?

It looks like these components pull the first row from the table. Maybe there is a way to choose which row?

You can use custom filters for anything, including values for big number components. Custom filters set a value in a table. From there you can create relations or queries, and rollups on top of those relations or queries to get your final numbers for the big number components.

Ok. Thanx. I’ll follow the steps.

If you’ve come across a video that explains this I’d appreciate the headsup :+1:t6:

I can’t think of any recent videos, but there several ways to do it. Start by writing those custom filter values to user specific columns in the table that is the source of your screen, or write then directly to the user profile row in the user table. Then take those values and build Query/Rollup Columns, or use single value columns to populate the custom filter values across all rows in your collection table and use an IF column to return certain values if they fit your filters, then Rollup the IF column. Lots of ways to get the same result.

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Here is one I made a while ago that includes applying filtered sums to Big Number components:


It looks like you are switching to YouTuber. :wink:

Yeah, the Loom links expire and break, so I’m starting to add them to Youtube when I can.

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Good choice. YouTube is more accessible and has no limits.

This is SUPER! Thank you so much!

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