Duplicatings Apps in Glide and how it works

Some general questions here, assuming we keep the same data sheet when duplicating the app:

  • I’ve noticed making new Computed columns in v2 of the app doesn’t add them into v1, does this mean that deleting pre-existing Computed columns from v2 won’t affect v1?

  • The actions that are carried over, if we edit the actions in v2 of the app do they change in v1? And same question as before, if we delete actions from v2 will they disappear from v1?

  • I have an API with an Auth key, so when I make v2 I need to reenter the Auth code etc to get it to work. They’re sharing the same data sheet and v1 is a customer app and v2 is the admin app. The API is only needed for the customer app, so if I just leave the API out of the admin app will it still add the data in accordingly?


The actions will be independent. Changing an action in one App will have no impact on any actions in the other App.

Yes. The tables are shared, so when you edit non-computed data in one App, the change will be reflected in the other App (no matter how the change is made).


Thank you so much, one last question. I want to make one submission form available to Customers and one to Admins, however both would be inputting into the same text entry box for that row. Eg Name. So I copy pasted the form container and changed one to view when role Customer is checked and one to view when role Admin is checked. I am now seeing the entry fields give a warning “Another component is already writing to this column”. Will it still function correctly despite this? Considering only one can write at once.

Yes, you can ignore that warning.
It’s there for obvious reasons, but it won’t stop anything from working.