Duplicación de App Clasicas

¿Por qué no puedo duplicar las app clasicas con la nueva actualización?

Classic Apps are being deprecated. If you want to duplicate your App, you will need to convert it to a new App first.

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¿Y la opción de transferir la App a otro equipo por qué fue desahabilitada?, tanto en la app nuevas como en las clasicas

I’m not quite sure what you mean by transfer to another computer?

Both new Apps and Classic Apps can still be transferred between teams, as long as the destination team has a payment method added.

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Just a little explanation about the word “equipo” in Spanish:

  1. The “equipo” can be translated as the team or group of persons

  2. It can also mean a device: computer, radio, etc

In this case, the right term should be “team” as you wrote it but its translation can confuse anyone. :crazy_face: