Can't transfer Classic My Apps to a new team

Hi Gliders. I want to transfer @Jeff_Hager’s Classic MyApps Shopping Cart Concept to a new team, so I can edit and adapt it to my needs. When I try to do so, nothing happens.

Do you know how I can transfer this Classic App to a new team?

Thank you!

@Darren_Murphy @NoCodeAndy Are you aware of any restrictions on moving Classic Apps?

Do we have a centralized doc somewhere on restrictions on moving apps in general?

We strongly suggest you do not develop any new features in Classic Apps, they are no longer supported.

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I understand. My plan was to copy the Classic Apps app into the current Glide, then customize it to work with the current Glide.

Is there a reason why you have to move it to a new team though? You can open two apps - the Classic one and the current one in two tabs and work with them perhaps.

I want the functionality of the shopping cart in the Classic App, but the new Glide doesn’t support Classic Apps and doesn’t offer a native shopping cart functionality. So, I was thinking I could transfer the Classic App to a new team in the current Glide, and then I can modify it to work with the current Glide. I figured that was easier than creating a shopping cart app from scratch, which I don’t know how to do.

So do you mean you want to convert that Classic app to a New one? New app from data is the closest choice, but it doesn’t really solve your use case since you would need to rebuild the functionality anyway.

What I was thinking is you having two apps side by side on your screen, study how the Classic one was build and apply the same logic to the New one.

Bottom line, transferring the Classic App won’t make it a New App.