Dropbox spreadsheets

Dropbox is capable of storing spreadsheets.
Is it possible to use Dropbox spreadsheets in Glide?
I would like to see Dropbox added to the list as well.

The file is still in Google Sheets, so it will already work—you’ll just need to make sure you can open it in Google Sheets, then add it to your Google Drive. Dropbox only contains a link to the file.


Please tell me how to do it.
In the file menu of the Dropbox spreadsheet, there is no item to add to Google Drive.

um, that is a Google Spreadsheet, that just happens to have the name “dropbox”.

It’s (almost certainly) already in your Google Drive somewhere. If you want to find out where, and/or move it to another folder, click that little icon just to the right of the spreadsheet name.

Dropbox allows you to create spreadsheets.
I want to make this spreadsheet recognized by Glide.
Click on the arrow icon to open the Dropbox save location.

Can you find it in your Google Drive?
If it’s a Google Spreadsheet, as it appears to be, it should be there somewhere.
Did you create it, and do you own it?
Or did somebody else create it and share it with you?