Download Page URLS?

Has anyone been able to download a directory of their app page URLS? These URLs are a requirement for anyone doing Merchant Center Shopping feeds. Thanks!

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What would be the use case for “a directory of their app page URLS?” in the context of " Merchant Center Shopping feeds"?


Hello, and thank you for your response!

When you Google something and see related products listed at the top of the search, these are Google Shopping Ads. In order to make these work, information has to be sent about the products and resulting site landing pages. Part of this is the URL address.

I’m adding ecommerce to my Glide apps and want to implement Google Shopping feeds to help attract customers, so I need to figure out what the addresses are for my product landing pages (en masse).

Thanks again for your help!

Craig Cervenka
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If you are talking about deep linking into the app, that is not possible at this time.