Glide integration to a merchant website

Hi guys,

Hope you’re fine! We’re just catchnig up with Glide options, and are struggling with this use case: we want to interface our app to a partner eshop. Users would make certain choices on our partner eshop website (ex. choose a specific product). Then they would be redirected to our app to complete their purchase. We want to avoid clients from choosing the product again on our app. We have a Page glideapps.

So our preferred option would be to integrate directly on our partner eshop website, which I uderstand does not work (iframe not supported). What would you suggest then?

My hint would be to give our partner 1 link per product, as clients would be redirected to it as soon as he selects it. Would this work with deeplink? Just tried, however (i) I get redirected to an admin interface and (ii) data is cleared

Any feedback much appreciated!

If you’re using deep links, I think the best you can do is linking to the specific page of the same product in your app.

You can’t prefill an in-app purchase, I assume you’re using Glide’s native buy button so I think this is a no-go if you want users to go directly to the in-app purchase.

Why do you want users to finish the purchase in your app and not your website though?

hi @thinDinh, thanks so much for your feedback! Not sure I was 100% clear, so let me rephrase :slight_smile:

Our app is made of 2 pages: (page 1) where the client selects a specific product and (page 2) where the client chooses options for given product

We have a new partner whe has a website A (not based on Glide) where his own clients can choose the product (equivalent to our page 1, but not on glide). We want his clients to be redirected to our Glide app once they have choosen a product, so that they can choose options on given product.

Problem: the client chooses a product on website A, and currently we ask him again which product he wants to choose on our glide app to open the product page on our glide app (ie we redirect him to our page 1). Instead, we want the client to access directly the available options (ie page 2) on our glide app based on the product he chose on website A.

We heard about deeplinks, but we have not succeeded to keep the client data entered on website A and reuse it on our glide website.

Any idea?

I assume you have a deep link for each of your product page, so you can dynamically attach those links to the step you mentioned here, I guess.

Something like:

  • Client chooses product 1.
  • You generate a button that links to the deep link of product 1 in your app.

Does it work?

indeed, thanks so much Dinh! Ronan

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