Double If condition

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In a table I ve a column with the end date of the project. I’ve also an other table with the project phase.
If the Date is before today AND the Phase in not ‘Completed’ … then I would like to display ‘Delayed’.

Is it possible ?
It seems that it is not possible to make AND conditions ?
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you have and or conditions in filters… in the IF-ELSE column you need to use a trick… make the order of conditions, the way that will eliminate nontrue options… so in your case, it will be:
if date is on after => 0
if phase is completed => 0
else 1

so the result will be 1 if the date is before and is not completed.

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  • if date is on or after today, then null (empty)
  • if phase is completed, then null
  • else Delayed
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Thank You very much Uzo

Perfect solution !

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Thx !