Dots as progress bar

Hello, everyone.
I was seeing how I can make the user enter, after the first login, a whole set of useful data with graphics and explanations. I remember that @Robert_Petitto Robert had posted something similar, which was a kind of list of pages that were presented one after the other and eventually made a check.
I found the work on the code aggregator that @ThinhDinh posted on Notion, but I honestly don’t really understand how it works. The tabs that are displayed, in what mode were they created? Can someone give me a better understanding of the procedure? In the meantime, however, always thank whoever is behind this community, because it is always very friendly.

There are few ways to achieve this, but basically it’s a button on a details screen sources from the users sheet (filtered by sign in user) with an action to show new screen > this item. Each new screen has more onboarding inputs with another button until finally the last button is a set column action that marks the user as being “onboarded” (I usually set a “onboardedOn” column to the current date time). This value controls tab visibility (thus ending the onboarding flow).

If you want the dots, you can create them using images, emojis or HTML.


Just what I needed. This way you can switch between cards with different details and graphics. I understood and I thank you. It would be great if you could make one of your wonderful YouTube videos explaining this procedure step by step. I thank you and send you kind regards.