Domain expiration deleted google sheet of shared template - any fixes?


I need to replace my google sheet for a bought template. The original was deleted.

Am I right in thinking just swapping out the exported data sheet from Glide and using that via the data replace feature will work?

Tab labels have been changed and new fields visible so Im being over cautious. Don’t want to lose my work because I missed something.

Thx in advance

I would try duplicating the app first. Then try swapping the sheet in the duplicate to see if it works.

Good idea!


No joy unfortunately. Throws a duplication error I chose to duplicate with the same or duplicated sheet.

Thx again

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Hmm, I’m not sure then. You could try contacting glide support. Otherwise you may just have to try relaxing the sheet and crossing your fingers.

No worries the vendor was kind enough to send me a copy so Im back at it.

Thx for the advice

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New update and I’m really confused

I amended the original template I received by adding my data and tabs. From what I can tell the GS reflects the version I need to replace in Glide.

However when I upload I get this despite same data/same column structure despite the columns and data being identical.

Interestingly the tabs in the warning are the tabs I added after my migration from the original account in which the template was bought. Which may point to permissions issues.

After an hour I got super frustrated and clicked the red button. Boom template gone.

Thankfully I’ve learnt to always keep a back up so I can copy features across item by item. Super frustrating time wasted as it appears the replace sheet feature is buggy.

Screenshot 2021-07-18 at 12.10.44